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Jennifer is a top-notch doll and toy stylist... from rooting and grooming to photography styling. Her attention to detail, patience, fun personality, and professionalism always leads to awesome results. She's been doing this for \ cars and it shows! Jennifer worked for our department at Spin Master for several years, handling all of our doll hair needs, and then sty ling many many hours of photo shoots for our Liv and Victorious lines of dolls, as well as other lines. If Jen was there. we knew we were getting the best!
Year first hired: 2000 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Stephanie Eskander - Stefanie Eskander Design

Jennifer was one of the most talented hair stylists and rooters that I worked with when I was designing for Mainline Barbie at Mattel. Not only was she innovative and fun to work with, but never, ever in a bad mood no matter what the circumstance. I would recommend her and her work to anybody. She is a problem solver and never a problem.

Linda (Project Coordinator at Mattel) worked with Jennifer at Mattel December 28, 2011

I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer on multiple doll lines from prototype to development for many years. She is truly a one-stop stylist for all of our doll hair needs. She does wig caps for us for early production and there's none better when it comes to wig cap and doll head rooting/styling. She has great communication skills, doesn't miss any details and her hairstyles are just beautiful. I am always impressed at how she is so accommodating to clients needs and has no problem meeting the fast pace deadlines. When it comes to development and writing hair specifications for production she is very thorough. Furthermore, we always use her for packaging shoots and TV commercials. She comes up with the most creative poses, thinks outside of the box and is extremely efficient. I highly, highly recommend her work.

Georgia Manolas Lopez
Director of Global Marketing at Bandai America

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We hired Jenn to assist on our very first photo shoot. Jenn proved not only to be a talented expert within the doll category but also a valuable contact within the toy industry as a whole. Being new to the industry, Jenn shared her knowledge and contacts willingly enabling us to leverage opportunities we would not otherwise have had. Her work speaks for itself visually - just look at most of the top doll brands out there and you can tell which she has been involved. We have seen the difference between working with Jenn and without Jenn and it became quickly clear to us there wasn't an option. She has a fantastic personality and works very well with others. Top qualities: Personable. Expert. High Integrity

Laura Linden Rangel - Kids Give March 2, 2012

I work with Jenn on international retail packaging fashion doll photo shoots at Spin Master's design studios in Culver City. Jenn is the creative force behind the amazing hair rooting, sty ling and all that goes into wig development for fashion dolls. There is at least, if not more prep involved in creating and styling doll wigs as there is in photographing real-live models. Jen is a master at creating complex color weaves and then styling the hair in a small scale but which is viewed in close-up on a large retail package. There's little room for error. and 1 rely upon Jennifer's still and film experience to make my images of entire doll lines to look amazing which in turn, drives consumer sales. Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Ed Alfaro - Photographer

I have hired Jennifer for both doll hair rooting/grooming and commercials. Time and time again Jennifer ensures that the products look perfect. Her creativity in rooting/grooming is spot on. It is truly impressive how Jennifer can make amazing trendy hairstyles that are cost effective. She is truly a master with doll hair rooting styling. On set she is so fast, efficient and organized. She takes creative direction well and set's up shots so the doll's come alive. I am always insured I can get many shots accomplished in a short period of time, which keeps budget costs down. Whether it's rooting/grooming prototype dolls from prelim to development or styling dolls on a fast-paced shoot, Jennifer always delivers the most amazing and efficient work. She truly has an eye for detail. Her years of experience and passion really show through in her work. Her personality, years of knowledge, professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond make her a true pleasure to work with! I know I am in good hands when Jennifer is rooting/styling doll heads or styling dolls on set. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Duane Piedmont. Mighty Entertainment